Importing PE brushes purchased on Corel Website

I am DESPERATE for some help after TEN days of dealing with Corel tech support and getting no help whatsoever.

I have used Corel products for years. I have Painter Essentials 5 (and all the other interations prior to that), but I wanted to use the Bob Ross brush pack for Painter Essentials and it only works with Painter Essentials 6, so I purchased PE6 at the same time I purchased the Bob Ross brushes for PE6. I purchased all of this directly from Corel's website. Ten days later I still can not use the brushes because tech support either can't or refuses to tell me how to import them into the program. Instead, it's been ten days of arguing with them and escalating tickets and speaking to managers who never call back even though they say they will. Now they are telling me that the Bob Ross brushes are only for Painter and not for Painter Essentials 6. I've shown them PROOF that they are specifically for Painter Essentials 6 by providing them with links to Corel pages that show 'master painter' webinars specifically for Bob Ross brushes made for PE6, and You Tube videos of the same. Still no one wants to tell me the only thing I have asked which is "HOW DO I IMPORT BRUSHES FOR PE6 THAT I PURCHASED ON THE COREL WEBSITE INTO PE6 WHICH I ALSO PURCHASED ON THE COREL WEBSITE?"

Honestly, I'm at my wits end so if ANYONE can just answer that question for me, it would be awesome. Thank you in advance.