Pen and Ink Auto Paint Doesn't

I've recently installed Painter Essentials 7 running under Windows 10, latest update, 64-bit.  When I attempt to use the Pen and Ink function in auto paint, when I click start, the run finishes after about 2 seconds, and the screen remains white.  What's going on here?  Am I doing something wrong?  Is this a known bug?

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  • HI Dan,

    Hmm, there are a couple possibilities I'll try to help. I just tried this on my copy of PE7 on a similar setup. Here is what I did:

    1. In the Photo-painting panel I clicked "Browse" to open a photo (I selected a JPG, however any compatible image should work)

    2. In "Step 2" I changed the "Autopaint" preset to "Pen & Ink Drawing". 

    3. Clicked the play button. I got an ink-like result.

    So it worked for me in that scenario. Possible reasons why it could be blank on your system:

    a) You didn't start with an image. This feature requires an image to paint.

    b)The image doesn't have a lot of contrast, so it doesn't know where to paint. If you want, you can post the image here and I can try it to confirm. Maybe there is some adjustment to the image that can be done to get a better result.

    c) There is an image, but maybe some kind of technical glitch. Although compatible images should work, on rare occasion I've seen a white result with certain PNG or layered files like RIF or PSD. There are work-arounds for this also....Again, if you like you can share the image here and I can give it a try.

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