How to specify the color steel in PE7

Hi everyone,

I’m new and I need to set my brush color to steel but I don’t see how to do that. Would someone please tell me how to change my brush color to a specific rgb or cmyk value?

thank you so much

  • Hi Aragorn 777,

    There are only RGB sliders in the File > New dialog, not on the color wheel so I think the easiest way to get exact color values is to open the image you want and use the dropper tool...for example if you have a 'steel' color I would do these steps:

    1. Find an image with a nice steel color (or you can do a google image search for color palettes)

    2. Open the image in Painter Essentials.

    3. Toggle the view so you can see two documents at once (uncheck Menu > Window > Single Document view)

    4. Open your painting

    5. use the dropper tool to select the color from the image you want.

    6. Paint!

    Hopefully this helps!


  • Yeaaa, I was thinking that that would be the case... bummer but doable. Thx Steve for replying