Auto Paint styles in Essentials 8

I just installed Essentials 8 and the auto paint options are new.  I like the new ones but would like to add some of the Essentials 7 styles.  Is there any way of doing that?

  • HI Indyjoe55,

    Yes you should be able to do that...try these steps:

    1. Save all your work, then close any open documents.

    2. Go to the Preferences (Menu > Edit > Preferences>Interface on Windows PC, Menu > Painter Essentials 8 > Preferences > Interface on a Mac)

    3. Under "Auto-Painting Presets", enabled "Show Classic Auto-Painting Presets"

    4. Close Painter Essentials 8

    5. Re-open. All the presets from 7 should appear below the new ones!