How to use gold or silver effects in PE8?

What brushes or tools should I use when painting gold or silver and make them shine?

Like you want to draw a bracelet or a sword to make it shine.

Is their tutorials about metallic effects?

  • Hi IAPD3000,

    Here are a couple of quick ideas for you...

    First off, a couple of 'general' brushes and features that can be useful for metalllics are:

    Dab Stencils: Flow map-Hard (for some texture)

    F-X: Glow (for some shine)

    And working layers, and using the different merge modes...screen, soft light, hard light, etc.

    If you're looking for brushes that 'instantly' create metallic effects....You can also try some brush packs. The first one that comes to mind is the 'rust and patina' pack which has some helpful is shown in Particleshop, but the workflow laregly applies to Essentials as well:

    And possibly there could be value in the glitters pack?

    In addition, you may be able to leverage a couple of brushes from other brush packs in Essentails. For example there could be a couple in the 'stained glass' that could be tweaked for a metallic effect...before buying a brush pack check the video in advance to see what kind of marks are possible: