Painter 2021 won't launch on my Mac

Hello everyone.

My first post here, can anyone help?

I have both Painter 2020 and Painter 2021 installed on my MacBook Pro (OS 10.14.6) and whilst Painter 2020 will launch, Painter 2021 will not. I have followed Corel's recommendations, including deleting my Wacom driver, and I have reinstalled the software, but nothing works.

Any ideas?


  • Hi Teslagirl,

    The most common reasons Painter won't launch are:

    -issues with the serial number (i.e. incorrect / invalid serial number)

    -issues with the installation (i.e. corrupt download)

    Rarely, an imported and/or corrupt workspace can also prevent a lanuch.

    Without knowing the details of what's going on, here are a few thoughts in case you haven't tried them:

    1. Make sure you have gotten the Painter 2021 install files from a reliable source. If you are unsure, go to this page where you can select the 2021 version to download directly:

    1. When you uninstall...make sure it's a full uninstall. I did a quick search and found that 2019 full uninstall instructions for Mac (sorry I couldn't find Painter 2021)....that said the steps should apply (just use 2021 instead of 2019 in the folder paths)

    2. After you uninstall Painter and/or your Wacom driver, make sure you reboot your Mac. In particular Wacom drivers are senstive to reboots.

    3. When you start Painter, hold shift. An option will come up to reset all workspaces to factory defaults. All your customizations will be lost. This should clear out any extra files that could possibly be preventing Painter from lauching.

    Again these are just the typical suggestions...every computer is different, and the cause the of the problem may not be what's described above. But at least it's something to start with. Good luck!