Printing Painted Photos?

I am a fairly new user of Painter Essentials (4) . . . a true novice to the software.  But, I now finally have created several paintings with which I am satisfied.

BUT, I cannot them to print in an acceptable (to me) quality? 

Here's the issue.  I have carefully "stopped" the auto-painting so "smeary round brush strokes" remain obvious.  (Then I clean up slightly using the cloner and by hand-painting.)

When I print, however, most of the brush stroke detail dissappears.  This should not be a printer issue, as I have an Epson R2880 (large format photo printer, 13"X19" + roll fed, with super-high photo printing resolution).

At first I thought my problem was that I was "painting" art sized to 13"X19", and then letting the printing driver "downsize" to print in smaller sizes?  So I tested by resizing the art to the correct size (printed output size I desired) before printing.  Still no brush stroke detail.  Next, I tried adjusting the artwork file DPI resolution to higher and lower levels, while leaving the artwork image size the same.  Still no result.  Finally, I have experimented with various printer software output settings, from "medium" on the Epson R2880 at 720dpi, to the highest printer output resolution in the R2880 (which is something like 1700X2000dpi, I think).

So I am stumped, and frustrated.  I anticipate the problem is me, and not the Painter Essentials 4 software OR the Epson R2880 printer.

Can any of you "pros" with Painter Essentials give me any tips or suggestions about how I might solve this problem?  Are there any tutorials about this printing issue?

I will certainly appreciate anything you might suggest.

In advance, thank you very much for anything you can offer.













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  • Meme,

    Thanks for the follow-up.  Yes, I'll be patient and await whatever problem solving ideas are forthcoming.

    And, yes, I'll share a few of my painting (of photos) efforts, as soon as I can figure out how to upload them. 

    I looked at some of your efforts, and I am quite impressed.  Hope I can get to your level, one of these days.  I took this up last year as an adjunct to my photography hobby, so I could "paint" some of my photographs!  Only modest success, so far!



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