Solution found for Cleaning up the backround

I hope some progress has been made regarding posting a photo here,

so, I hesitate to do any posting of photos.

It appears that "persistance" does pay off when you've got a problem..

I've been having a problem "Cleaning up the backround" using the

stamp tool together with the option key. 

It appears that in using the "stamp tool and option key",  that I was

simply in the wrong "mode".  I hope that I can explain this right..

The solution was that I should have "finished my painting" and then

apply the stamp tool and options key. I was doing it the other way around!..

Now this solution may or may not work for many of you, depending on

the slightest deviation. I've tried to explain my solution as simple as

possible, but it could be misunderstood  possibly by my weak explanation..

  •  Sorry I am getting confused now grumpy - I have just opened up a photo at random, and without painting it in any way started using the stamp tool to clean up, and it worked just fine. I have already done a tutorial and illustration for you but unfortunately I cannot post it just yet, whatever I do I cannot make the stamp tool not work - providing the brush size is set large enough to see the results. The program has two modes - photo painting is one and drawing and painting is the other, no matter which of those modes I try the stamp tool works perfectly for me, I have just done so - both times on an unpainted photograph - the program doesn't seem to care whether it is painted or not - the stamp tool just soldiers on irregardless. Something is wrong, but until I can show you actual pictures of it working I can see no other way of explaining it satisfactorily in a way that will make sense - bear with me we will succeed.