Water colors

I am not a painter, but I notice when watching water colorists on Youtube, and when available, PBS, that artists will sometimes thin paint out that they had initially put on a little thick on the painting using a dry brush, or at least a brush with no paint on it.. As I said I'm not a painter, but I'm trying to learn how to use Corel Painter 11 watercolors. How would I do that same thing digitally, thin out a paint using a dry brush or a brush with no paint on it?

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  • have you considered watching corel painter timelapse videos, just to get a reference point on how watercolors behave in this painting package?
    there're, like, over five hundred brushes bundled with painter, most of them can replicate a dry brush pretty convincingly. the problem is that if you lack the general understanding of painter workflow, you'll keep running into unexpected paint behavior and will probably get stuck at some point.
    watching someone else paint can be really educational.