Southwell Minster - Nottinghamshire

Southwell Minster - pronounced Suth-ell has been around a long time. The Roman Invasion brought much change to life in Britain. The discovery of a Roman Christian font near to Southwell demonstrates that Christianity was present before the Romans left Britain in 410 AD. For many generations the Minster has been an important centre of Church life in Nottinghamshire. Its noble fabric has been used and admired by eminent divines and statesmen who have loved to worship here. So I went there today during a brief respite from the rain, and I was lucky to get this shot, it needed a tripod, but there were so many children milling around it would not have been fair, so it was handheld 1/4second exposure, and I couldn't believe it myself, it was sharp, especially since the mirror slap.Why such a long exposure you might ask, well I wanted sufficient depth of field to get all in focus.

I finished off with a sketch, and then applied detailed watercolour.