"Joy" is what she said I could call her.  She said because she was born on Christmas Day her Mother named her Joy to the World, but I could just call her Joy.  I met her at North Point on the northernmost point of Barbados, where she was selling plantains, or at least trying to, in the parking lot of a tourist attraction.  North Point is where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean and the resulting waves crash into the cliffs and the water is so violent it sprays up over the top of the cliffs and soaks anyone within striking distance.  I didn't want any plantains but I asked her if I could pay for her photograph and she was happy to oblige because her plantain sales weren't doing so well.  I painted her when we got back home and after seeing a photo on Pinterest somewhat similar to mine, I decided to do a re-do, which I like even better than the first.  I made some changes to color as my photo and painting have faded with time.  So, that's the story behind this …. And this is Joy.