Old Homeplace

The initial graphic of the Old Homeplace was made in vector software, then painted using various Essential brushes. The scene is an attempt to express impressions received from the few abandoned sites I have seen.

In those areas of the U.S. that still remain sparsely populated you may come across one of these old homeplaces. Once upon a time they served the needs of newcomers seeking a fresh start in life. Some sites were tucked into the woodlands where timber and game were plentiful. Others were located on sunny meadows suitable for raising food crops and livestock. If flowers had been transplanted to these new sites and still thrive, their blooms will help flag the homestead location. They are clues that the people were laying down roots with the intention of staying. Occasionally, half-buried rusty objects or small bottles are seen. Rarer still is evidence that children were part of these homesteads too.

One place stands out in memory because it appeared as if the residents had left hurriedly. The dilapidated structure still contained items of crude furniture. A clock remained perched on the mantle above a crumbling fireplace. Research suggested that sudden departures like this may have been prompted by the death of a family member from a contagious disease. Tuberculous was once common in the area. With the possible exception of cotton items which could be boiled, belongings favored by the deceased were burned or left behind as the remaining family members abandoned the place they once called home.

There are people living today whose roots go back to that place. It would be a treasure to know they had ancestors who had the backbone to make correct decisions under heart-wrenching circumstances which resulted in the continuation of the family bloodline.