Moonlight and Roses

Original composition was drawn and finished in vector software, then saved as a bitmap for painting in Essentials. After painting and saving, the image is opened in pixel editing software such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. It may benefit from a touch up here or there since software algorithms as well as brain zits can produce unwanted glitches like stray pixels that look out of place.

At times I adjust the size of the bitmap before it is uploaded to this forum. When resizing images, it is better quality-wise to resize a large image to smaller pixel dimensions than to resize a small image to a larger pixel dimensions. Because the software used for resizing must calculate how to add or subtract the extra pixels, the larger the percentage of resizing, the larger the image deterioration.

The images I upload are between 700-800 pixels in their longest dimension, whether width or height and the memory size is below 500KB. On this forum, when the thumbnail of an uploaded image is selected, these figures produce an enlarged graphic that is acceptable for viewing on computer monitors.