Fortune Bike

I could do a lot more with this, but I'm not sure if I should. I welcome suggestions.

After prepping in Photoshop (including intensifying the colors), I autopainted this in oils with the smeary round brush, and sharpened it a little afterwards. No freehand this time.

I found this grouping of objects in front of a rural general store. I'm not sure why the old bike is so elaborately tied to the ground with metal straps. Maybe it's a sculpture.

  •  i like it just the way it is...the colors really invite your eye to take a closer look....when i worked in retail they told me that red and yellow were the colors to most attract the customer.....and what  you have done with this reminded me of that truth. well done

  • Oops. I just discovered that I never logged out and I've been gone all day. (I keep doing that, which means that most of the time when it looks like I'm online, I'm out to lunch.)

    Thanks, Patti. I'd like to be less conservative sometimes in my color palette, and this was my first step. I've seen a lot of paintings recently (both traditional and digital media) that use really wild colors, even in portraits, and it works. I want to study these more to figure out why it doesn't look weird and wrong. I don't want to paint on the wild side all the time, but just have the option.

  •  I, also, like this just as is. Wonderful painting!

  •  it's about time I got my Ray bans out of the case, and you sure had fun with colour here. Perhaps the straps were to prevent the theft of what looks like an old bike, but it may have been intended as a sculpture, whatever you certainly did your part with gusto.