Edgar Allan Pug

From "Literary Pets", a 20 card set of famous authors, re-imagined as dogs and cats. The reverse of each lists some of the author's works with dog and cat flavored book title puns.

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Literary Pets

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  • Chet - Hope you are doing well. Your Art was what made me want to go out and get Painter for my own personal use. Years back. I'll mention the Catch 22 that exists when you work on the real stuff and just don't happen to have a Printer's SWOP Copy Camera in the closet. Scanning my work in pieces worked but was always troublesome. So with digital delivery being the final product, working in Painter 2015 makes a lot of sense. I have felt a little embarrassed when it was time to judge the originals as fine art. I did a locomotive graphic for a Train Photographer and loved the plume and clouds that I created with the scratchboard tools. You continue to inspire and I'd loved to see a demo online with some of your work. You referred to decent sense of humor.

    Good stuff and thank you for inspiring me. All the best,

    Bill Beauchamp

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