Watercolor Still Life

Here's a demo I did when the "new" watercolor brushes were introduced in Painter. While I agree that they can produce a more  "authentic" watercolor look on the computer than the now-called "digital" watercolor brushes, I still wish they were faster and less memory intensive.

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  • Thanks for the kind words, folks! I did this quite awhile ago as a demo for my class. I took a photo of the objects, did a pencil sketch, and painted.

    Here's a hint to get the watercolor paper texture wash in the background:

    I used a large wash brush (camel I think) but it can be VERY slow at higher resolutions. So I simply did it at "screen res" (72dpi) and then increased the resolution to 300.

    Normally this is a no-no as it can result in blurry images, but in this case it just made the wash smoother. I then painted the objects with smaller brushes that aren't so slow.

    Good luck!

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