Wacom tablet - Photoshop CC and Painter 2015

After I have setup the Wacom Tablet Properties


I load Corel Painter 2015 into the Application row and setup the Functions, Touch and Grip Pen in the Tool row and the Intous pro tablet in the Device row. I now load Photoshop CC into the Application row and set up the PS tools in the Properties then close the program and log off. When I restart the computer the Corel Painter 2015 will not open and neither will the Wacom Tablet Properties. 

  • Ken, you might try applying all the updates. I had problems with cintiq and Photoshop, x3 and 2016. in the end it was useful. Also note that I did not open the programs before applying the patches. Once in v 6 they expressly said to use a Virgin, un opened painter. The other thing I found out was that accumulation of textures got reinstalled, but applied only to the workspace where they were first installed.