Shapes: Curving multiple shapes

Ok, let's say I create two shapes. They are straight lines. Using the convert point tool I can drag an end point and enable the modify as a curve extension handle (blue line + blue square). Then using the selection tool I can move the blue square around  creating any cure I want. But here is the thing. I want both of the two lines to curve in tandem so they end up with the same curvature. I have tried multiple selection of end points, grouping the two shapes, all kinds of ctrl, shift, alt combinations but I can't move them in tandem. Moving them singly in addition to being time consuming is also not very accurate. I have used a grid and that sort of keeps them the same curve but we are talking about creating eventually a netting that I can resize and curve over a face and that might require a network of 100s of lines both ways! That would take forever. Am I asking too much of painter? Any ideas or information leading to a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Calvin De Beverly