How do I get patterns to mirror each other correctly

I have captured patterns that I am using with a pattern brush. However, when I turn on mirroring, the stroke direction is mirrored, but the pattern itself is not congruent. An example would be waiting with a pattern that has black on top and white on the bottom, when I draw a half-circle, one side of the mirror has the black color on the outside and the other side has white on the inside. So I am left with a mirrored stroke, but not a mirrored pattern. Does anyone have a fix, or a place you can point me for the answer?

  • Just a thought can you try flipping the mirrored one if it's a seprate layer from the original stroke? Also you could make the stroke the length you need it or design and then copy it  flip it and rotate it 180 degrees. Just an idea. 

    Seems like there isn't a lot oof people replying on here. Understand though soo much to shoot so little time to do it all in hehe!