noob needs help

After painting several layers, I want to use a shatter effect brush on all of them at once, is there a way to collapse the layers?

also, do you guys have a facebook or Instagram or twitter or some other social media account that's easier to access?

thanks in advance!

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  • yes there're several ways to collapse layers (selecting several layers (shift+click) and using the layers -> drop command will transfer their contents on canvas; there's also a layer -> flatten all (drop all? I don't remember, it's in the painter manual anyway) command that will merge every layer in your document at once);

    you can also copy the visible part of the image and paste it onto a new layer if you think you might need the original layers later. it's all there in the menus.

    corel painter has an official facebook page here -

    which is practically only good for shaming corel with unresolved technical support issues in public and customer complaints, don't expect much otherwise.

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