Creating brush dabs.

I am very new to this product.

I am attempting to create a leaf shaped dab that I can rotate with my brush stroke.

The manual explains how to create a dab but has a line "To follow stroke direction, a captured brush set must face toward the right side"

I don't understand this in particular "captured brush set", I am just making one brush where does "set" come into it ? And "face toward the right side" which has no meaning to me.

I am clearly missing something here. If someone could explain I will be very grateful.

  • Hi MickR,

    I think what the manual is trying to explain here is how the leaf is rotated before the capture operation...does the stem of the leaf point to the bottom of the page, or the top of the page, or the left or right edge?

    It sounds like in order for the leaf to follow the stroke, the stem needs to point to the left edge (I think?).

    Here's the good news...if by chance it is facing the wrong direction when you paint, you can alter it via the angle panel, or just rotate and re-capture.

    So maybe playing a little bit with it will help..good luck, sounds like a cool brush.

  • Hi Stephen,

    thanks for your reply.

    I still don't make much sense of the line in the help pages BUT by experimenting with the Size and Angle options of the brush I think I can achieve the effect that I want. Just needs a bit of work on it now.

    Thanks again.