New Painter 2019 User needs advice

Hello All.

I will explain what I am trying to do, and maybe someone can let me know how to do it.

I want to use a brush to clone paint a photo, stroke by stroke. When ever I use a brush, it picks up multiple colors and blends into the photos colors over the entire brushstroke.

This makes the cloned painting look too close to photographic for my project.

I would like to place the brush, have it pick up a single color, cloned from the middle of the brush start location, and paint ONLY with that color until I lift the brush.

I thought un-checking "brush loading" would work, but it didn't.

Any thoughts on how I'd do this?

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  • Hi Silverback67,

    Question, have you tried this?

    -select Pens and Pencils > Flat Color 2

    -ensure clone color is enabled

    -increase bleed to 100%

    -set resat very low, to 1 or even zero

    For example, when I did the same changes to resat/bleed with "Cloners>Speckle Oil Cloner" and "Cloners > Bristle Blender Cloner" it worked almost exactly like you described. Some other brushes it didn't work, because of their underlying technology. (i.e. soft cloner did not work)

    So you may have to experiement a bit, but at least there are two brushes you can start with. :)