New to Painter(2019)

Hello people. Not sure if I'm in the right place to ask this, as I'm just new, but I'm just wandering if there is a way, ie. keyboard shortcut, to switch between the brush you are using and the previous brush? 

  • Welcome Meeckle! Unfortunately there is not a feature like that in Painter 2019; but it was added for Painter 2020.

    That said, if you frequently switch between two brushes with 2019 and do not wish to click the brush selector flyout every time here are a couple of options.

    1. Try the brush selector palette. This is available via Menu >  Window > Brush Selector Panel. Resize the panel to suit your needs, this can be especially helpful if you have a large screen or two screens.

    2. While holding the shfit key, drag your first brush out of the selector. A new 'custom palette' will be created. Find your second brush, and again hold shift and drag the second brush to your new custom palette. Both brushes are now on a palette for easier access!

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