Artgerm Loaded palette knife

Hello everyone hope everybody is doing fine :)

So what I would like to ask is if any of you know how to make the loaded palette knife to paint flat?

To be more precise, I'm trying to reproduce the loaded palette knife of an Artist named Stanley Lau (Artgerm), and while looking at some of his videos I see that his palette knife is not showing the bristles. but I haven't been able to remove those bristles from brush. I hope somebody can answer this topic. If you want any reference on Artgerm's work please check his youtube channel

  • Hi Pipecreativo,

    Hey good question, we might need some more details which Artgerm video and timestamp so we can see the exact brush look and feel...but in the meantime here are a couple ideas on brush edits to get started with...I'll use Painter 2019 for this example.

    1. Select the "Loaded Palette Knife 2" brush from Palette Knives and Sponges

    2. In the property bar, reduce feature from "0.8" to "0.1"

    3. In the "Color Variability" panel (directly underneath the color wheel in Painter 2019's default layout) reduce the "value variability" to zero

    That should no longer show bristles and smear nicely!

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