Watercolor layers transparency

Hello everyone, 

I'm new here and to Corel Painter. I'm not sure if I'm in the right place to ask my question but I'm hoping someone can help me. 

I have Corel Painter 2020 and I'm trying to save a watercolor layer with spatter brush strokes and other watercolor brush strokes. 

It looks great on my screen with transparency (example spatter paint.). When I save to PSD or PNG which should have transparency the saved brush strokes have an awful white border around them looking like they were converted to JPEG or raster strokes. While the rest of the layer all around the brush stroke is transparent. 

Is this normal or a glitch? There are other fancy brush strokes all save with the same transparency just how it looks on my screen. 

I hope I'm explaining this right I'd like to keep the look of the transparency behind all the strokes like it looks on my screen. I have the canvas layer hidden when saving also. 

Thank you for any help. 

  • Hi Mags,

    Welcome! I'll do my best to help...

    There might be a few ways we can work-around this issue, but in order to do so we would really need to understand what are hoping to do with these brush strokes...it sounds like because you are working in PNG/PSD maybe you are trying to incorporate them into a project of sorts? What will the background look like?

    For example, one way to work around the limitation of the watercolor brush strokes is to do these steps:

    1. Paint the watercolor strokes that you want

    2. Create a fully opaque white layer (R=0, G=0, B=0) underneath the watercolor layer (i.e. using Ctrl/Cmd+F)

    3. Merge the watercolor layer with the white layer below using Ctrl/Cmd+E. Name the layer 'watercolor'

    4. A dialog will pop up, asking if you want to convert the layer...click OK (note this will 'remove' the watercolor properties of the layer)

    5. Save the file as PSD

    6. Open the PSD file in your target application (i.e. Photoshop)

    7. Hide the watercolor layer.

    8. Put some layer underneath your watercolor brush strokes (whatever color/texture you need for your project)

    9. Select the layer and unhide it (which is now all-white)...convert the merge mode to "multiply". The end result will be nearly identical to Painter 2020.

    Hopefully this should help you for most projects...if not, let us know there may other ways to solve this issue!

    Thanks, Steve

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