Using Painter 2020 and PSP 2020 for 3D simulators

Hi there, I am thinking about using Painter 2020 and Paintshop Pro 2020 in combination with AC3D and Blender 2.80 to make scenery object's for X-Plane 11 and Trainz TRS 2019. PSP 2020 might come in handy for X-Plane 3D scenery textures (XP is starting to use PBR). Trainz Train Railroad Simulator 2019 uses PBR and Parallel Occulsion mapping. I know there are freeware and other software designed for 3D graphics for gaming, but I would like to utilized Painter  and PSP. I do have Filter Forge 9, Nvidia Texture Tools plugins for PSP 2020 along with the Particleshop, GRFX Studio  plugin's. I am also thinking about using Painter 2020 with my Astronomy hobby. I will be retiring soon, so I will have more time to learn Painter. Most of my work will be with PSP 2020, but would like to use both programs together. I think Painter might be more of use for TRS 2019. I guess there is one game developer in South Africa that uses Painter for 3D gaming scene's. I guess I need to investigate the various brushes in Painter that would work good with painting 3D building's, machinery, ect. I am currently designing a 1960-70's crawler crane (Manitowoc 4000W) for TRS 2019 (maybe incorporate it into X-Plane 11 also)  Any thought's or suggestions for workflow between both programs. Have had several versions of PSP, but still learning. New to Painter.