How to turn on anti aliasing?

Please help I can't find it for the life of me. Or any option that enables auto smoothing/ curving. Please.

  • Hi ssbbka,

    In Painter, there are certain brush engines that have Anti-aliasing included by default, and there are others where it is a user-option. Some of them are media-based so there isn't really the concept of Anti-aliasing (i.e. thick paint). Which brushes are you using?

    In the meantime here is a couple of examples of one you can adjust as a user-option in Painter 2022:

    Let's start with the most common brush which is a simple round brush...

    In the brush selector, choose Airbrushes > Hard

    In the property bar, there is a button called "Shape". Click on it to open the flyout.

    By default the hardness is set to 25%...increase it to 100% for minimal anti-aliasing. Decrease it to 0% for maximum anti-aliasing.


    Some brushes use images for the the controls are a bit different. These are pretty common as well so here are the example steps:

    In the brush selector choose Oils: Bravura > Rag Blender

    In the property bar, there is a button called "Shape" with two buttons. Click on the "Captured Dabs" button to open the flyout.

    Under "Dab Effect" choose "Feather"

    I find a strength of 9% is nice for this brush...removes the jaggy without washing it out too much.

    Again these are just examples...if you have a few brushes I'm happy to tell you how to smooth out the dab.

    In terms of smoothing, in Painter 2022 go Window > Brush Control Panels > Dab Shape > Smoothing

    I recommend playing with stabilization and jitter reduction to smooth out your curves...if you hover over each slider there are little tooltips that help tell you how they impact your stroke.

    These controls work for pretty much any brush, however it's a big brush engine, so if you're having troubles post here!