help with layers?

Hi, all.  I would like the painted areas on an upper layer to completely cover the painted areas on layers below.  Right now, the paint on the lower layers blends or comes through subtly into the upper layer's painted areas.  How can I change this?

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  • Hi Jesse, It's tricky to make a suggestion without knowing which brushes you are using. You can try a few of the following.

    - If you are working with brushes like Fluid, Glazing, Watercolor etc, these are designed to be transparent so it would show the underlying paint. You could try to bump up the opacity and laying down more paint to cover underlying layers.

    - Make sure that layer opacity is 100%

    - Make sure that Pick Up Underlying color (on layers panel) is turned off so that lower layers do not blend with your top layer. 

    - Hide the lower layers by clicking on the eye button on the layers panel.

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