Help needed with photo painting.

The attached was designed for 36 inch width on canvas. At 100% on screen, you can see the brush strokes and I thought that was what was required. However, the print showed very little brush detail and close in, the print looked like a blurred photo.

Is the scene wrong for a painting?

Even A4 portrait size of a few coloured buoys and a rusty anchor close up looks like a sharp photo, the strokes are lost. I don't want a blobby child of 5 look painting.

What would you suggest?

  • Hi Alan, great image! I personally think this image should work quite well for a painting, the key here is probably which brush you are using the paint with.

    Some brushes restore detail, whereas other brushes create coarse strokes that help break up the painting. So perhaps using one of the coarser brushes will help.

    In Painter 22 or 23, I really like the "Coarse Smear" in Cloners:General or the "Rough Knife" under Cloners:Messy

    In Painter Essentials 8, I like the "Pastel" or "Oapaque Acrylic", especially at larger brush sizes to break up the image.

    What version of Painter are you using? Which brush are you using? Are you Autopainting or are you painting by hand? Either way I'm pretty certain we can help...

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