Trick to Boost Painter's Performance

Hello everyone, here's some to the tips I've been using through years to bootst up Painter's performance. 
It is applicable to painter IX.5 and Up (Tried myself, Should be working for below version IX too I think.)


Since Painter 12 introduced multicore process, Corel claimed an increased performance of brush engine etc. 
But it's not happening to my working company's Dual quad core Xeon PC, causes stroke delay quite a lot.
So my workaround are reduce the multicore process to only 1, and also unchecking both boxes in view options below helps too.
you can find the preference setting in Edit>Preferences>Performance
*If you had a PC with very low RAM capacity (Say 4GB and below), it is good to be leave the Undo count to default 32 levels. If you didn't make mistakes often, lower to 16 helps too.

Then goto the Interface tab. Change the cursor type in to Iconic will do improve the stroke drawing speed. 
*Note that changing into iconic, you won't able to see your brush size in realtime until you draw. If enabling Brush ghosting did not impact on performance too much then go ahead.

Windows Specific Tweak:
Sometimes the Pen and Flicks function might interference with your drawing strokes, its recommend to disable Flicks, and Hold to Right Click

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  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

    Painter has always been the program where I noticed slow performance and when getting a new computer I was hoping for better -- and almost everything WAS better, and the upgraded versions better but still BRUSHES WOULD 'STICK' 

    I DID ALL YOUR TIPS AND NOW PERFORMANCE HAS THE SPEED AND QUICKNESS I HOPED FOR. I think your tip on changing the brush interface helped a lot, plus unchecking Multicore -- I also did reduce the coress and I never would have thought of that.  It's a wonderful improvement.

    Now I'll get back to playing around with paint!

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