Rhino 3D

I reall recommend this program for people who don't want to mess around with other 3D programs but still want to put a quick 3D scene together. It's not that expensive, and you can use it for free for a long time afaik.

I personally think maya and other programs have a horrible UI and they're not any good at design. Solidworks is really good at design but it doesn't support any raytrace plug and you're going to be lost in it unless you've had some people train you in it.

This is an easy program to learn, and it has a decent renderer built in if you don't want to buy plug in or other things.

This is with regular rederer after someone showed me the program after 2 minutes.

You also have good premade materials in the material editor, so you can throw something together really quickly.

it's really easy for people who want to throw together a scene and check reflections of basic parts of the scene or check shadows and then use those in Painter, but can't be bothered to spend time learning an advanced 3D renderer