Teaching Painter in high school -- Help

I teach Digital Art in a High School. I usually teach Photoshop and Illustrator. We know have Painter X and several wacom tablets.

I have no idea where to start with Painter. I just want to give the students a brief introduction to the program. They can take the upper level class if they want to do more. Some of the students have never taken an art class. But they will have already been introduced to Photoshop & Illustrator.

Any suggestions on books or (better yet) a tutorial that will intoduce the students to the program's basics. I can't spend more than a couple of weeks with the program.

Thanks SO much.

  • Hi txteacher,

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    A good resource for you is Painter X Essential Training with John Derry

    John was one of the original authors of Fractal Design Painter, first released in 1991. He's worked with Painter all this time and knows the program better than anyone. In addition, his teaching style is clear, easy to understand, relaxed, and pleasant.

    The first few sections/videos are free so you can get an idea of how John teaches and as I understand it, the rest can be accessed via a very reasonably priced subscription or, if you prefer, by purchasing the DVD.

    The number of minutes for each section/video is posted to the right of the section name and the entire DVD running time is 6 hours, 32 minutes.


    I think this would be your best bet since it's not only reasonably priced, again, the videos are very easy to watch and learn from... and the time involved is minimal considering it will cover the basics and then some. John knows how to do this as he not only prepares these videos/DVDs for Corel Painter, he teaches onsite workshops and has, to make an understatement, loads of experience not to mention a love of Painter and expressive mark-making as he describes using Corel Painter's brushes.


    John's latest, Painter 11 Essential Training has just been released and I'm probably going to take my own advice and subsribe. I've always enjoyed John's style of sharing his vast knowledge and don't want to miss this experience... not this time.

    It's been ages since I took a Painter class... over a decade, with the exception of one class I sat in on recently as the instructor was brand new at teaching Painter and I wanted to be there to give him my support and encouragement. Turned out he did a terrific job and the students loved the class, but it was fun for me to be in the student position for a change.


    Best wishes for a great time learning and teaching the basics of Corel Painter X. It's a wonderful program.







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