A Collection of Corel Painter and Other Videos (Free)

NOTE:  Please post  video links only  in this thread. For links to tutorials found on other sites, see the
thread linked below and if you have any off-site tutorial links to share, please post them in that thread:

I guess videos fall best under the category of Tutorials even it they're sometimes only painting or drawing demonstrations. We can still learn from them! 

With your help, this thread can grow to contain a good collection of links to free Corel Painter videos, all in one place and easy to find. If you come across more links to free Painter videos, feel free to post them in this thread. Thanks in advance for your participation!

To get this started, here's a nice little video demonstrating digital inking over a pencil sketch and using Painter's (I assume) Rotate Page tool:

Digital Inking Charlie Part 1 (sample)

Also check the other Corel Painter videos listed under Related Videos on the right side of the page.