Looking for a painting on video tutorial

I'm a new media artist and recently purchsed Corel being excited at the possibility of painting on video, however information seems to be scant and wondering if someone can point me to tutorials.Working with video in Corel is very different to working with Premiere or After Effects, the timeline is reduced to single frames. As video is 25 or 30 fps, I was expecting some kind of tweening or keyframe option?

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    I have a long time been asking Corel to upgrade "movie thing" in Painter since it is the same thing as it was 20 years ago. But nothing has happend. Still. Doing a frame by frame animation is possible or rotoscoping a small video file. Since the movie thing is totally out of date I never use it any more. I use Photoshop or Krita. Where I can do whatever I want. I also use Sketchbook Pro for overlay animations and AnimeStudio for some other things.

    There is something called Painter Courseware on animation to find on the Internet. Try that. It is OK.