Tutorials to Help Get You Started

In response to peachblossom's post in the Suggestion Box forum, asking if there will be a tutorials website and tutorials posted here at The PainterFactory, for people who have no experience with painting:

I'm sure there will be more tutorials posted at The PainterFactory now and then. Some of them will be posted by me. There are already a few tutorials available in David Gell's Blog, and some can be found in various threads, posted by me in response to other members' questions.

There are many good tips and tutorials in The Painter Canvas newsletter issues, listed both in The Painter Studio and on my PixelAlley site.

The Painter Studio:




Also at PIxelAlley, you'll find a number of tutorials in the New Tips and Tutorials by Jinny section. 


Corel Site:

On the page linked below, you'll find a few tutorials along with John Derry's Visual Guides for Watercolor, Liquid Ink, Tinting, and Digital Watercolor. They were written for Painter 8 but should be usable in following Painter versions as well.

Work all of those tutorials and you'll learn a whole lot. If you have questions along the way, you can post them here at The PainterFactory.

If you want suggestions to improve your work, feel free to post your work here and make it clear you want comments and constructive suggestions so other members will know it's OK to offer them.  


Important: Be sure to take advantage of the information available in Painter's Help Topics, accessible via the Help Menu. Often, you'll find short tutorials explaining how to use Painter's features.


Most of all, have fun learning!