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Painter on the Android and iOS are both the same, that is Infinite Painter. The progress and development of the software is strong and going forward. It is a very good software with a great user interface that makes everything you want to do as easy as on a desktop computer. Working on a tablet is standard even for professional artists, designers and illustrators.

SketchBook Pro app on Android made a new release last week. It is such a great app! I use it on my tablet(s) as well as on my desktop. Sometimes even on my phone. 

Procreate upgrades now and then...maybe the best art app of them all.

Clip studio just had a release on iOS.

Many more good software could be in this list.

Painter Mobile is not a bad app on my Android Galaxy Tab S3, not at all. Especially the watercolour brushes are very good. But the development seems to have stopped. Has it?

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  • there's a very recent, less than satisfied-sounding painter mobile thread here - Painter Mobile still crashing on Cintiq Hybrid;

    also, with its last update published in 2015, I think it's safe to claim it is abandoned at this point (much like painter sketchpad that was released for, like, some wicked reason years ago.)

    I am also not sure corel will ever reattempt entering mobile market.

    artrage seems to be the king of portable natural media painting apps;

    photoshop fans typically don't bother using anything aside from procreate;

    clip studio is more expensive than the other manga-creation packages out there, but it also amped up the mobile package game a lot, and I don't think celsys are slowing their pace down from this point on.

    subjectively, I don't think corel are capable of offering enough to mobile users in such a saturated environment that they'll ever stand a chance of earning a substantial market share with their malware-ridden monstrosity, marketed from beyond the grave by the ghost of Bob Ross.