Does Painter 2020 run on the Acer Switch 5 OR Surface Pro X?

Hey everyone I'm new and just bought Corel Painter 2020. 

Now I have the Acer Switch 3 with 4gb RAM and 4 Prozessor cores.

So the Programm isn't really working because of the low RAM.

So I still need my tablet PC and decided to buy the Acer switch 5 which has 8gb Ram but just 2 processor cores..

Is that enough to use corel painter 2020? 

Or is it an option to buy the Surface Pro X? It has some problems with .exe files especially 64 axe files.

Which Tablet PC are you using and are there any options for me to use corel painter 2020 on a tablet pc?

Thanks for help and I hope that I can keep painter 2020.

Happy new  year everyone.