Corel Painter Android app 6th year anniversary!

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Former Member

The Corel Painter Android app was first released on Google Store on the August 11 2014, Android version 4. It updated once 2015 to the new Android version 5 (maybe?), or still version 4. Nothing happened since then. Recent Android version is 10. The app seems abandoned by Corel.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the S7+ are soon to be released. I have the S3 from 2017 and really like to by the new S7+ since it has the 12.5 inch screen. S3 got an 9.7 inch screen, so the screen size will make a big difference. The DEX is another good reason for me to buy it.

That is if I decide to buy it. It is not cheap, a bit cheaper than an iPad of that size, but still a bit pricy.

The S7 and S7+ will have the new Android Clip Studio pre installed. Since I already own Infinite Painter and Sketchbook I have all painting and illustration programs that I need on the Android platform. I also use ibisPaint, compatible with Clip Studio, a great little program, always upgrading, with no cost!

The Corel Painter Android app is not developing, and has not been upgraded since the release some five years ago. Nothing has happened. I do not use it. It is not installed on my S3.

Corel does not care about us Android users. That is a fact.