What Graphic Pen Tablets are supported by Corel Painter

My first experience with Corel Painter was using a Wacom Intuous 2 Platinum graphics pen tablet back around 2004.    My introduction and first experience with Corel was the software that came with that tablet  Procreate Painter Classic which lead me to purchase Corel Painter 8.    I am aware that Corel Painter works well with Wacom pen tablets from past experience.

Last year I purchased a Huion Inspiroy H610PROV2 Creative Pen Tablet.   I have been using Corel Painter 2020 with this tablet and notice the brushes do not run as well, compared to a Wacom Intuous Pen Tablet CTL6100WL.    In comparison the Huion has a lot of lag with brush strokes and hesitation compared to the Intuous which picks up brush strokes very well.

Last year I wrote into Corel support and was informed that Corel Painter does not support Huion Pen Tablets.  I use Linux operating systems a lot and open source software for digital painting such as MyPaint.    My favorite digital painting program is Corel Painter, a proprietary software application that you cannot use on Linux (the WINE package does not work on Linux for running Corel Painter).    Wacom seems to be hit and miss on Linux operating systems, some work, others do not.   I would like to make my next tablet purchase a model that works well on both Linux operating systems and Windows.   My question here is what pen tablets used on desktop computers does Corel Painter support in addition to Wacom tablets?