Painter Activation Issues

I originally bought Painter X.  Honestly it does everything I need.  I use Painter with My Wacom Intuos 5 to create my personal art work.  It is only a hobby and I do not use it professionally.

With that said I had to upgrade to Painter 12 because X does not work with a computer that has more than 8 GB RAM installed.  My main computer has 16 GB.

I installed the program on my system when I bought it over two years ago.  It has worked fine.  I went to install it on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  It stated that I have used up all my installs.  It is literally on one computer.  So I bought Painter Lite specifically for my tablet computer.  It works fine also.

This morning I turned on my computer to work on a couple paintings.  When I opened my Painter 12 it came up with the trial screen, and said I had 30 days remaining.  I tried to activate it again and it said I have installed it too many times.

It has been installed once and never uninstalled.  I do not understand this, however it appears that in 30 days Corel is no longer going to allow me to use my software that I bought and paid for.  My Corel account shows that I bought it.  I even located the e-mail verifying that I bought it.

I have tried to figure out how to get  ahold of Corel.  After your first 30 days this appears to be next to impossible.  Does anyone have any clue of how I can continue using my software that I own?  I am a hobbyist and really can't justify or afford to spend another over $400 for a new version.

I am a professional software engineer and use programs from many companies both professionally and for my hobby usage.  I have never encountered another company that is so impossible to work with as Corel is.  It almost makes me wish that I had initially used some other software when I first started doing my art work.

I really like Painter but honestly I am so sick of Corel.

Ok, so I just bought Painter 2015.  It works fine.  But I am sorry, Corel needs to rethink their policies.  I am not a professional, just a hobbyist.  And what do I do if I decide to update my operating system to Windows 10 next summer?  What if I want to install it on my Surface Pro 3?  I currently use Painter Lite on it, but would like to use the software I just bought.  I can install it but what do I do if either computer crashes or if I update either one?  At the very least let me de-authorize the program, upgrade and re-authorize.  This is what every other company does.  It makes me feel like I am getting screwed by Corel; not a good way of making a happy customer and certainly not a good way of getting customer references.  Every time I tell someone I use Painter I have to also add how bad I feel Corel treats customers.  Too bad... because it is real good software.