Painter Activation Issues

I originally bought Painter X.  Honestly it does everything I need.  I use Painter with My Wacom Intuos 5 to create my personal art work.  It is only a hobby and I do not use it professionally.

With that said I had to upgrade to Painter 12 because X does not work with a computer that has more than 8 GB RAM installed.  My main computer has 16 GB.

I installed the program on my system when I bought it over two years ago.  It has worked fine.  I went to install it on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  It stated that I have used up all my installs.  It is literally on one computer.  So I bought Painter Lite specifically for my tablet computer.  It works fine also.

This morning I turned on my computer to work on a couple paintings.  When I opened my Painter 12 it came up with the trial screen, and said I had 30 days remaining.  I tried to activate it again and it said I have installed it too many times.

It has been installed once and never uninstalled.  I do not understand this, however it appears that in 30 days Corel is no longer going to allow me to use my software that I bought and paid for.  My Corel account shows that I bought it.  I even located the e-mail verifying that I bought it.

I have tried to figure out how to get  ahold of Corel.  After your first 30 days this appears to be next to impossible.  Does anyone have any clue of how I can continue using my software that I own?  I am a hobbyist and really can't justify or afford to spend another over $400 for a new version.

I am a professional software engineer and use programs from many companies both professionally and for my hobby usage.  I have never encountered another company that is so impossible to work with as Corel is.  It almost makes me wish that I had initially used some other software when I first started doing my art work.

I really like Painter but honestly I am so sick of Corel.

Ok, so I just bought Painter 2015.  It works fine.  But I am sorry, Corel needs to rethink their policies.  I am not a professional, just a hobbyist.  And what do I do if I decide to update my operating system to Windows 10 next summer?  What if I want to install it on my Surface Pro 3?  I currently use Painter Lite on it, but would like to use the software I just bought.  I can install it but what do I do if either computer crashes or if I update either one?  At the very least let me de-authorize the program, upgrade and re-authorize.  This is what every other company does.  It makes me feel like I am getting screwed by Corel; not a good way of making a happy customer and certainly not a good way of getting customer references.  Every time I tell someone I use Painter I have to also add how bad I feel Corel treats customers.  Too bad... because it is real good software.

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  • Randy, I agree with you 100%. Corel wants to nickel & dime users for the most basic help. I get free help for installation & activation, reactivation on a different computer, as well as other problems from Topaz and Tiffen Dfx for their software. I don't believe they have activation limits either.

    Some users who have had activation issues have gotten help from Corel for free by calling them, or using their chat, usually talking to a sales person, not tech support. I did this for a registration problem for ASP 2 that was out of warranty period. I'm a hobbyist too, and I can see charging for advanced tech support maybe, but certainly not basic issues like activation or reactivation.
    I see Corel states their policy as "To re-activate a download version: If you have reached your activation limit and want to install the software on a new computer, you will need to buy priority support." I also noticed this statement "*If you are still not able to activate your product or need to activate your product offline, please contact Corel Customer Support. In order for us to generate an activation code for you, please provide us the Serial Number, Installation Code and ID number. To get this, on the activation window, please click on “Already Purchase?” and then “Other Activation Options” or for some products its “Phone Corel." on this page-

    I usually buy my software from Corel as a boxed version even if it costs a bit more and I don't know if that helps sidestep any of the kind of problems you are having.

    So, I believe these support policies by Corel limits their sales. If I could find alternative products to do what I need, Corel gets left behind.
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