Surface Pro

Hey Everyone!

If you are using a Surface Pro, we would love to know about your experience with Painter?

All feedback received is much appreciated !

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  • Well, I bought a Surface Pro 3 (i7) in November and have been using Painter 2015 on it for a couple of months now. With only one Caveat, I'd have to say it works far better than I would have expected! The brushes are fast, the control is good with the 'RTS' drivers, and using Custom Palettes with large buttons to set up your favourite commands and tools is excellent.

    My caveat to the above is small; the gesture-based zooming sometimes gets flakey sometimes: the amount of zoom is disproportional to the movement of your fingers. This feature usually works well after a reboot, but after a little use the problem surfaces. The canvas rotate does not suffer this fault however.

    If I was to suggest any improvement to the Painter interface for ANY tablet, it would be to make changing the brush size and/or attributes easier on-screen.

    I've used Photoshop CC (performance isn't nearly as good), Clip Studio Paint (works well and has many tablet-friendly interface elements), and ArtRage 4 (pretty well built for Tablet use), but Painter has been great Surface Pro 3 experience.
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