"Create backup on Save" not the same as Auto-Save?!

Hi folks,
I only realized recently that Corel Painter 2018 does not have an incremental, adjustable, auto-save feature. If I recall, all my previous versions did have that option. In this case, I lost hours of work due to my failure to make intermittent, manual saves as I went. The Corel Painter program froze up and I had no option but to use the Task Manager to "End Program".

While I was deep in a fast moving session with Dab Stencil brushes, I made several quick flow map adjustments and at that same moment, my 'daily Calendar reminder' opened to remind my of some appointment or chore, or something.

Typically, I run one of my processor O/C profiles when I know I'm going to be a bit more demanding of the hardware's performance. However, I forgot to do that too and of course, that's when Murphy raises his ugly head...

I’ve never used the “Create backup on Save” feature in any of the programs that offered it. I guess I saw that option as a redundant, space consuming, operation because I always save my work before I close the program anyway.

The auto-save features in Corel and Photoshop as well as other programs can catch the work in whatever increments they were set up to do if, and when, the program or the O/S crashes.

If I recall correctly, even a newly created work, that hasn’t been named or saved can be restored partially in the event of a system crash. If the auto-save timer is set to 10 minutes, for example, and the system crashes 14 minutes after you started it, when you reboot and open the program, it will offer to open any work that was ‘unexpectedly closed’.

Assuming you want it to do that, the work will be restored up to the last, auto-saved, 10-minute increment. The four additional minutes will not be restored but at least you’ll get a good amount of it back.

  • I feel like I’m not understanding the purpose of the “Create backup on Save” feature. Can someone give a practical example of how and/or why you would use that?
  • In addition, does anyone know if Corel is planning an update for Painter 2018 that will include the re-implementation of the Auto-Save feature?

Thank you,