hair brushes?

I saw a video wherein the artist used ParticleShop with photoshop to create hair. It seems to me the same brushes might already be IN corel painter 2018 as I do see particle brushes. I certainly can't tell which brushes correlate the the particle shop "hair" brush pack as there are no names given with the ad for the pack. simply says 15 hair brushes. in painter there are no brushes as far as I can tell labeled "hair". Some labeled "fur". I didnt see anything that looked like it could draw multiple strands starting from a single focal point. 

so, tips for a newbie for hair brushes please? Id like to do stubble, beards, short hair, long...eyebrows. I realize somethings are a matter of building one single stroke at a time but should be some things that can do stubble or even lay in some base layers for curly hair or beards via a brush with multistrokes. Coit brush does not do what I am thinking on...though admit I really am, literally, only 2 days into using corel. Photoshop has some nice brushes for these things. but Id rather not have to go back and forth between the programs just to build a beard or lay in some eyebrows or eyelashes.