Move one point perspective origin?

I'm experimenting with the perspective tools in Painter. When I try to move the origin point on the one point perspective tool, I'm able to move it up and down vertically, but not horizontally to the left and right. Am I missing something, is there a way to unlock its position? Or is it centered on the page for a reason? Thanks.

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  • I don't know why the one point perspective tool is centered, probably because one point is normally used for head on views.  There is a workaround that might help.  You can either add pixels to one side of the image or use the crop tool and reduce the size of the image.  You do this while the perspective guide in place.  The vanishing point will not jump to the new center of the document and will remain in the original position.  You can still move it up and down, just not side to side.  Hope this helps.

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