Painter 2019 thread!

since amazon already halted digital sales of 2018 and this is available publicly, it's time for us to get hyped for the next release that is practically around the corner! 

is there a mascot more fitting than a rat for a corel development?

amazon release notes!

Enhanced Performance ; noticeably faster brushes and up to 50% faster rendering when zooming, panning and rotating.

New Dark user interface theme; launch a refreshing, professional interface that makes your artwork the focus.

New Application icons and controls; features over 650 re-designed icons to make things easier on the eyes, simple to understand, and more efficient to use.

New Brushes and Patterns; gain inspiration with 36 remarkable new brushes and 5 new Patterns custom designed for concept artists and video game designers. But any artist will love them.

Enhanced Color workflow; see your selected color choices more clearly with new grabbers in the Color Wheel. Or, pin the Temporal Color Selector for easy access. (if this doesn't include rectangle mode for the color wheel you literally can keep it - ipc.)

no downloadable demo available at the time of the posting, but enough interesting information provided by amazon - no mentions of new layer modes (that other companies provide during in-between free updates), and no mentions of another failed attempt at simulating real liquin fumes either - which at this point is a relief.

 - do you think this is going to be the performance and stability release painter community has been begging for since 2012, or we are in for a low-effort paintstorm rip-off that brings nothing aside from on-screen temporal color wheel that no one asked for and everyone hated in painter essentials?

 - are you excited for this version given that sketchbook pro went freeware a month ago, and corel are currently being sued by microsoft for, surprisingly, UI patent infringement?

 - do you still think that supporting a company that uses cyber-squatting as a marketing choice is good for your artistic integrity?

 - and, most importantly, are you ready to say 你好 to the 科立爾Painter 2019?