Purchased Painter 2019 and love it!

2018 had some bugs and 2019 resolved a slew of them. I have owned if for a day, but the response time is absolutely noticeable. Gone are the days of hypersensitivity of the menus. menues expand and stay put when using my stylist. I do not have to worry about my palm launching things when it rests on the screen. The icons are more self explanatory. The strokes are immediate and feel like I am really painting/drawing. If I had to put it into one word I would say 2019 is intuitive. The stylist tracking and pressure sensitivity is awesome!

A con I see so far is that it is not optimized for UHD resolution. I cannot read the ruler marks, the menu items are hard to read, and everything is tiny, tiny, tiny.  Corel Draw has overcome this problem, why hasnt Painter? There is only one ruler going across horizontally and not one vertically, the rulers do not detach or rotate, but I love the touch screen finger resizing and rotation. That almost makes up for the non-detachable rulers. This is a great upgrade. So far I am very impressed. They seemed to have listened to customer suggestions. 

One more con is that it is not integrated with other Corel programs. You can only export Adobe Illustrator format! Particle Shop still requires a merging of layers so . Where is the export and launching for Corel Draw, PaintShop Pro, PhotoPaint, Particle shop, VideoStudio?