Painter 2019 not respecting touch settings

Has anyone else had issues with the touch interface?

I'm currently using the trial of Painter 2019, on a Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 13", and have had nothing but issues with touch on this program.

#1: Touch will randomly and frequently stop working in Painter. I will have my pen out of screen range, and it will not recognize that I am touching the screen(For zoom, pan, rotation). Also, it RARELY registers touches on the option panels(Color, Layers, Brushes, etc). 

#2: Very frequently, it will ignore the fact that I have turned on "ignore touch input when using pen" which is set in the Windows 10 Pen settings panel. My gloved hand will be detected while my Pen is hovering and trying to select a color, for example.

I have verified that this problem is isolated to Painter 2019, and I'm unable to reproduce this behavior in other software.

An unrelated issue, is that changing brush sizes will cause Painter to straight up FREEZE, or slowly step through each point of size. Sometimes it will go completely nuts, and go up and down while the whole program is unresponsive.

All help appreciated. I really want to like this program, but this kind of kills it for me.