Painter 19 and Wacom Pro 24 Touch


I use Painter 19 with Wacom Pro 24 Pen + Touch, unfortunately I have been having a problem with using the stated combination. The issue is that every time I do any brush stroke at the end of the stroke and at different times another strike comes going side ways diagonally and at different intensity. Initially I thought it is the Pen Display (Wacom), then I changed the programs I used Windows Paint and then SketchBook Pro and the issue did not rise or happen. 

Went back to Wacom and Painter 19 and the problem remained, for a minute I thought it is Wacom, but when I used the mouse at times it happens with that while the Wacom is connected, not sure what the problem is but it is difficult to do any drawing or painting with such an issue prevailing. 

Using :

Windows 10 (latest update)

Painter 19 (latest and up to date)

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Pen +  Touch (driver up to date)

I already raised a tech support issues and waiting for a response, but I am so frustrated I thought I raise it here maybe someone had similar issue and got it resolved.

Any help to solve this issue would be appreciated.



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  • The driver Stephen suggested will fix the random diagonal line issue, this is caused when the cintiq is on 4k and second resolution in another resolution, i didnt had this problem when i had both screens in 2k.

    But when the cintiq is in 4k the problem returns, just in case you want to use a newer driver, also painter works faster in 2k, it cant handle 4k right now properly, especially in the performance of canvas movement.

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