I have been comparing Painter to Photoshop

Since Corel is going for something like the upcoming Adobe Gemini, it is interesting to compare the two software. Photoshop is primarely made for editing photos. Still, many digital illustrators and painters use PS for painting and illustrating. Painter was not made for photo editing, noone use Painter for that (exept photobashing), Everyone use Painter for illustration and painting. 

Adobe Gemin will not be a stripped down version of PS, like PS Elements. It will be a completely new program, built from the ground up using hundreds of artists and experts for the developing of the perfect painting software for all operating systems, Windows iOS, Mac and Android.

The new Painter software that will compete with Gemini is also supposed to work on Windows iOS, Mac and Android, as far as I understand. It will not be a stripped down version of Painter like Elements, I hope!? A new software just like Gemini? ...? ...?

The big difference will be, that Gemini will be CC and cost 120 SEK per month. In my country (Sweden), that is 1440 per year. for Gemini. That is what I pay now for using Adobe CC photography plan. I have tried the new Adobe Premiere Rush. It also costs 120 SEK per month. If I want all software from Adobe CC it would cost me 7200 SEK per year..!!!!

Hopefully the new Painter will not be subscription, "Corel CC", but one time pay.

I can not afford Adobe CC any more. I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, Painter, Krita and Clip Studio, and some more. Video editing and animation software I use are also no subscritions and all low cost programs where I can do exactly the same job as in the Adobe software for a much lower price.

I still use Painter 2016. It is good enough for me, but I can imagine Painter on my Android, on my iPad and on my Windows computers. Wow..!